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Dental Implants

A dental implant is a permanent surgical anchor placed in the bone of your jaw or skull to provide a foundation for a dental prosthesis such as a denture, bridge, or crown to replace missing or infected teeth. Implants are a replacement of the natural roots of your missing, damaged, or failing teeth, and help you smile and continue your oral functions after the teeth replacement. Implants also guard against the possible bacterial infection that can set in between the missing teeth.

There are three million people in the US with dental implants, and this number is growing significantly every year. At Dr. Franklin Green’s dental office in Los Alamitos, California, we understand the inconvenience and severe damage that a missing or infected tooth can cause. Dr. Green, who offers specialist implant and cosmetic dentistry services, provides high-quality, natural and suitable dental implants so that you can again smile with confidence.

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Placing The Dental Implants

The most effective way to permanently replace missing teeth is through dental implants for which you should ideally have a strong jawbone and healthy gums. If you have existing gum disease, Dr. Green will first treat it before beginning the implant placement.

Once you are ready for the implant procedure, measurements are taken to prepare your permanent and temporary teeth. Suitable implant material such as ceramic or titanium is chosen, the implant and abutment are placed and fused with your jaw, and finally the new permanent teeth are ready for long-term use.

Implants are embedded in the jawbone and seamlessly blend due to the material of popular dental plants such as zirconia ceramic implants, which are also bio-compatible, fuse well with the jawbone, and its color is similar to your natural teeth. Following your successful implant placement, you can eat whatever they want and can maintain an active, sporty and normal lifestyle.

Aftercare For Dental Implants

You should care for your dental implants just like you care for your normal teeth. Dental prosthetics have longevity as they are built on a synthetic root system that never becomes loose or falls out. You can play with your children or participate in contact sports such as football without worrying about your new teeth falling out. However, brushing, flossing and routine care is necessary. Regular checkups and professional cleanings are recommended as is checking for infection or decay.

If your present dental implants are giving you trouble or your teeth hurt, it is time to consult Dr. Franklin Green. Call 562.594.6299 right away for an appointment so treatment can begin immediately.


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I Arrived in pain and afraid. Left with a smile treatment and a plan. . Staff and Nicole are friendly and very attentive. Dr Green is very warm consultative and diligent. . Great experience I only regret not finding this team sooner.

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Barbrett Swift


Great dentist, super nice staff and cool environment. Definitely recommend Dr.Green.

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Malissa M.


It was a great experience. Nicole is very friendly and knew what she was doing ;)

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Joseph Kim