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Full Mouth Reconstruction

In the full mouth reconstruction dental procedure, Dr. Franklin Green will rebuild or replace all your teeth due to the long-term effects of natural aging, trauma, and infection. Patients with missing or cracked teeth, decayed or decaying dental fillings, and those who habitually grind their teeth may also require full mouth reconstruction, which involves multiple appointments for restoration and installation of teeth.

While carrying out a full mouth reconstruction at his clinic in Los Alamitos, California, Dr. Franklin Green combines esthetics with expertise in restorative dentistry to improve the health, function, and overall appeal of your mouth.

Each patient is approached with a customized full mouth reconstruction treatment plan. Dr. Franklin Green being a highly experienced cosmetic and implant dentistry specialist, counsels all his patients about the most suitable dental treatment options.

Trauma and full mouth reconstruction

In case of damaged teeth due to an accident, seek an emergency dental appointment at Dr. Green’s office. He will discuss all treatment options with their corresponding effect on your chewing and biting, and accordingly, dental crowns and bridges, dental veneers, implants, and dental bonding may be recommended to get back your smile and confidence.

Natural decay

Natural deterioration of teeth occurs in the absence of regular preventive oral health care and can result in gum disease and can result in permanent loss of natural teeth. However, despite the onset of gum disease, an early root canal can save your teeth.

Same Day Teeth – Life Changing Story


Dr. Green explains the groundbreaking All-on-4® Dental Implant Procedure

Wear and tear can lead to full mouth reconstruction

Acid from certain foods and beverages may make you lose your teeth at an early age. You must visit a dentist every six months so that he - she can monitor your teeth and warn you in case there is any sign of cavities and you can avoid expensive dental treatments. Treatment delay can also weaken jawbones, making reconstruction and implants difficult.  

Reconstruction options

Restorations options such as dental crowns, implants, veneers, bridges, root canal treatment and dentures are recommended based on your dental situation. Moreover, reconstruction and cosmetic changes and a full mouth reconstruction should be considered with care—the latter is a necessity and not something that you choose to improve looks and smile.

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Patient Review

I am very pleased with the dental implants I received from Dr. Green. The procedure was painless. Dr. Green and his staff were professionals throughout the treatment and in follow up visits. I have recommended Dr. Green to family and friends


So if you want to replace your teeth due to decay or disease using full mouth reconstruction, please call Dr. Franklin Green us at 562.594.6299 to schedule your appointment.

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I Arrived in pain and afraid. Left with a smile treatment and a plan. . Staff and Nicole are friendly and very attentive. Dr Green is very warm consultative and diligent. . Great experience I only regret not finding this team sooner.

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Barbrett Swift


Great dentist, super nice staff and cool environment. Definitely recommend Dr.Green.

star star star star star

Malissa M.


It was a great experience. Nicole is very friendly and knew what she was doing ;)

star star star star star

Joseph Kim