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Implant Supported Dentures

Implant supported dentures are comfortable and sturdy alternatives to traditional implants, dentures, and dental bridges for dental patients requiring a dental solution to teeth replacement. In Los Alamitos, California and surrounding communities, Dr. Franklin Green, an experienced prosthodontist or an implant dentistry specialist, offers implant supported dentures so that your new teeth never dislodge during normal eating or due to rough contact sports. There is also no gum irritation due to the near-exact dimensions of dental implants.

Placing Implant Supported Dentures

Dr. Green first examines your gums to check for infection and treats it before treatment begins. A dental X-ray assesses whether the jawbone has sufficient bone density to hold the implant. If not, bone grafting may be required. A dental implant comprises of the implant (a screw), the abutment (attaches with the implant) and the crown that sheathes the new artificial tooth (on top of the abutment). A mold of the abutment is taken to order your customized tooth at a dental lab. While placing dental implants just beneath your gums, Dr. Green uses anesthesia to keep you comfortable. Finally, the dentures are fitted over the implants without the use of messy adhesives.

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Can All Dentists Fit Implants?

Only qualified implantologists can fit you with implants.

Who Is Eligible For Implant Supported Dentures?

The procedure is apt for dental patients not having gum disease or other infections, those who have sufficient jaw bone strength to form the base of the implant, and patients with blood sugar under control.

Should People With Dentures Opt For Implants?

Removable dentures are uncomfortable, but if supported by implants, they will begin to feel like your regular healthy teeth.

Is The Procedure Painful?

Dr. Franklin Green is also an expert in sedation dentistry, and his friendly disposition will soon make you comfortable.

What Is The Post-Procedure Experience?

During the healing period, some precautions need to be taken such as having soup and soft, steamed vegetables for a few days rather than hard-to-chew foods. You will also need painkillers for a few days.

How Do Traditional Dentures And Implant Supported Dentures Differ?

You have to remove conventional dentures before sleeping. They are secured by messy adhesives and often slip if you bite into hard food. With implant supported dentures, you can feel secure and comfortable as you eat.

To know more about implant supported dentures, please schedule your dental appointment with Dr. Franklin Green’s dental clinic by calling at 562.594.6299 and our staff will explain the benefits and procedure to you.

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I Arrived in pain and afraid. Left with a smile treatment and a plan. . Staff and Nicole are friendly and very attentive. Dr Green is very warm consultative and diligent. . Great experience I only regret not finding this team sooner.

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Barbrett Swift


Great dentist, super nice staff and cool environment. Definitely recommend Dr.Green.

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Malissa M.


It was a great experience. Nicole is very friendly and knew what she was doing ;)

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Joseph Kim