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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, which can save your infected tooth and prevent costly dental interventions such as dental bridges, crowns, and implants, is one of the most common endodontic procedures in the US, and more than 15 million root canal procedures are carried out annually—up to 41,000 a day, according to the American Dental Association Survey of Dental Services Rendered.

Dr. Franklin Green, a specialist in cosmetic and implant dentistry in Los Alamitos, California, uses this procedure if a local infection has spread to the middle of your tooth and infected sensitive soft tissues, nerves, dental pulp and blood vessels.


A timely root canal procedure will enable you to be pain-free and eat and drink normally again.

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When is root canal treatment required and is it safe?

Dr. Green recommends that you should undergo a root canal and not allow the infection to linger and end up with a dental emergency such as an abscess or having your tooth pulled out. If that happens, you will require a dental implant—a more prolonged, expensive and complicated treatment. A root canal is a quick remedy that can save your tooth or teeth. With regular oral hygiene and routine dental screenings, your root canal can even last a lifetime. Root canal treatment is a simple, safe and effective procedure that has a 97% success rate. The procedure causes no pain, and for pain-sensitive patients, we offer sedation dentistry.

What are the advantages of a root canal?

A root canal ensures that you get to keep your teeth so that you chew normally. While one lost tooth won’t make much difference to your facial structure, two teeth lost in a row might affect the contours of your face as your muscles will sag at that point.

How does root canal treatment work?

Dr. Green will first make a small hole in your tooth to pull out the infected dental pulp and tissue. The roots are also pulled out, but those at the bottom stay and are enough to help you feel hot and cold sensations. Pulling out infected roots doesn’t harm fully grown teeth, and the infection is treated with antibiotics. Dr. Green will then proceed to replace the dental pulp with a substitute rubber-like material before sealing it. The treated tooth now needs a crown or a filling depending on the damage. Both treatment options have the same color as your natural teeth and blend in perfectly.

For more details on root canal treatment and sedation dentistry, please call Dr. Franklin Green’s office at 562.594.6299 to schedule an appointment. A timely root canal procedure will enable you to be pain-free and eat and drink normally again.

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I Arrived in pain and afraid. Left with a smile treatment and a plan. . Staff and Nicole are friendly and very attentive. Dr Green is very warm consultative and diligent. . Great experience I only regret not finding this team sooner.

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Great dentist, super nice staff and cool environment. Definitely recommend Dr.Green.

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It was a great experience. Nicole is very friendly and knew what she was doing ;)

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